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Governing Body



Governing Body 2018/2019

Name Responsibility Category Term of Office
Mark Evans Chair of Governors Co-opted 20/10/2017-22/05/2022
Kelly Nichol Co-Headteacher    
Jo Harding Co-Headteacher    
Kevin Bird   Parent 12/12/2018-11/12/2022
Anthony Blyth   Parent 30/01/2019-29/01/2023
Lisa Doke   Co-opted 16/12/2015-15/12/2019
Judith Lovelock   Co-opted 19/12/2016-18/12/2020
Rebecca Pratt   Parent 02/03/2017-01/03/2021
Marj Shanahan   Local Authority 30/01/2019-29/01/2023
Michaela Benson   Co-opted 23/05/2018-24/05/2022
Janis Thorpe   Staff 29/02/2016-28/02/2020
Lisa Neville   Associate (staff) 30/01/2019-29/01/2023
Sally Allen Clerk    


Governor Declarations 2018/2019

Michaela Benson Related to Colette Cowan, a member of school support staff
Rebecca Pratt Related to Janis Thorpe, teacher and Governor
Janis Thorpe Related to Rebecca Pratt, Governor
Judith Lovelock Governor at Almond Hill School


Instrument of Government

Staff Governors 2 (including the Headteacher)                                       
Local Authority 1
Parent Governors 5
Co-opted Governors 7
Associate Governors No limit to the number of Associate Governors
Total 15


Governors in Post 2018/2019

Staff Governors


Local Authority 1
Parent Governors 3
Co-opted Governors 4
Associate Governors 1
Total 10
Vacancies 5


Governor Committees 2018/2019

Resources Committee
Kevin Bird
Anthony Blythe

Mark Evans

Kelly Nichol


School Improvement Committee
Lisa Doke
Marj Shanahan
Rebecca Pratt
Michaela Benson
Janis Thorpe
Judith Lovelock
Jo Harding


Governor Roles 2018/2019

Rebecca Pratt                Transition Governor                                       
Judith Lovelock Child Protection and Safeguarding (including children in care and attendance)
Lisa Doke Inclusion (including SEND and Pupil Premium)
Marj Shanahan Inclusion (including SEND and Pupil Premium)
Kevin Bird Health and Safety
Anthony Blythe PE and Sports Premium


Governor Year Links 2018/2019

Marj Shanahan Nursery                             
Lisa Doke                                                 Reception
Rebecca Pratt Year 1
Kevin Bird and Anthony Blyth Year 2


Governors Attendance Register