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Thank a Teacher Day and Celebration of School Staff- Wednesday 23 June 2021

Wednesday 23 June is 'National Thank a Teacher Day' and we thought it would be nice to open this up to show our appreciation for all the staff in the school.  Here are some of the wonderful messages we have received!


Miss Tabinor- Gerrard would like to say thank you for all the fun things he has learnt and all the help she gives him. Mum would like to thank her for how much she has helped Gerrard this year. He has gone up two reading levels which I am absolutely delighted about! And she always says such lovely things about my boy which makes me a very proud mummy. So thank you! 


Nursery- Karan has recently joined nursery at Letchmore after a prolonged home stay and surprisingly he was made to feel like home and comfortable from day 1, I would like to thank his teachers team who have been instrumental in embedding the feeling and making him comfortable so quickly - Karan loves the start of the day as it means he gets to go to nursery.  Thank you so much


Starling Class- Angus and family want to give a BIG thank you from all of us, Angus has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Reception. It is wonderful to see him growing, learning and having fun.  He enjoys telling us little snippets of what he’s learning and often surprises us with a new skill or knowledge.  I just wish Letchmore didn’t end at Year 2!

Thank you for all that you do and especially during the difficult times over the past year with Covid.

THANK YOU TEACHERS and all the staff at Letchmore


Mrs Pratt and Mrs Haley- Thank you so much for teaching me so many things especially how to read.  You are fantastic. Jack x


Miss Hodgson and Miss Carr- Thank you so much for teaching me new things. You are wonderful. Love Patty x


Mrs Golds- You do so much and with great humour. Could not put into words how much I appreciate all you do for my son and all you put up with on his bad days, he adores you. Not all hero’s wear capes!! From the bottom of my heart thank you! Miss Elliott


Nursery- Dear all the teachers and staffs from Letchmore Nursery

I am writing on behalf of Zaw family (Amiee from Nursery) helping grow her confidence, skills and communication. She is now very happy to go to nursery everyday.

Kind regards, Amiee, Zin and Minn Kyi


Mr Green- We would like to thank Mr Green for being such a great teacher. At the start of Year 1 Tommy was very shy and lacked confidence, this year we have seen a complete turn around in Tommy's confidence not just in his learning but socially as well. This also has helped in outside of school. Tommy has also improved so much in his maths and reading and its down to his great teacher 


So thank you so much Mr Green


Tommy Boon and family.


P.s Tommy says thank you for making him laugh with your banana socks. 


Miss Hodgson- Ezra would like to thank Miss Hodgson for being a really great teacher, especially in lockdown.


Mr Green and Mrs Cousins- Hi, Laila & family would like to wish all the great and wonderful Teachers in Letchmore school for their hard work and effort in educating the children with knowledge.


Please find an attachment for a wishing picture from Laila (Greenfinch class) for her teacher Mr Green & Mrs Cousin.


Happy Teacher Appreciation Day..!!


Miss Tabinor and Mrs Gilbert- I would like to thank Miss Tabinor and Mrs Gilbert for being caring and compassionate teachers. 


Thank you Miss Tabinor for giving every child an opportunity to shine in the limelight. You are amazing. 


Thank you Mrs Gilbert for your wonderful support. I really appreciate it. 




Niranjan's mum


To Mrs Nevill you are the best teacher in the world.  love Blake.


To Mrs Eady, You are a great teacher. I hope you have a happy day tomorrow. 

love Blake


To Miss Shapcott Thank you for helping me with my work.  love Blake


Miss Terrence- I would like to thank Mrs. Terrence for all the love and care for Aavya and Aashvi. Thank you for taking care every little thing and helping children in school with lot of affection and patience.


They are just very young and can’t even express themselves properly but still very actively and with lots of love you are their for children every moment. 


I want to extend my special thank for the day when Aashvi fell down and hurt her mouth at home time with blood all over I was so scared but you immediately you came and bandage Aashvi took care of her till she fell better. Thank you for learning fun.


Thank you 



Mrs Dhillon- Thank you Mrs.Dhillion for making learning fun for children.

Thank you for giving time to Aavya and Aashvi helping them in their learning.

Along with learning you always took care of Aavya and Aashvi and teaching them to eat and try new things. 


Thank you for taking care of Aavya and Aashvi every little things from their jackets and caps to all.


You loved them and understand them well.


Thank you so much for all love and affection for Aavya and Aashvi.





Greenfinch- Jojo in year 1 Greenfinch would like to say thank you to all the teachers who help him


Miss Hewett- I want to say thank you to Miss Hewitt for helping me so much with my learning. Mummy thinks she is extra kind to me in the mornings especially when I was nervous leaving her after lockdown.  I manage to surprise her lots with what I have learnt at school, although I don't tell her much about my day! Annabel


Miss Gibson- I like Miss Gibson so much because she is kind, helpful and lots of fun. She gets us in the right kind of trouble! I can't wait to see if I grow taller than her before I leave Year 2 - She is one of my favourites. Annabel


Goldfinch-Thank you so much to all the staff who work in Goldfinch class- Mrs Pratt, Mrs Haley, Mrs Golds and Mrs Eveleigh- for all your hard work and care you provide Dominic everyday.  He loves school because of you all.


Mrs Nolan- I would like to thank Mrs. Nolan from all my heart.  She is so kind and helpful throughout the year.  She moulded Aavya and Aashvi really well.  She helped them in their over all development.  She is well aware of children individual needs and address them well.   Mrs Nolan help Aavya and Aashvi in their speech, vocabulary, Reading, Writing and overall development.  Due to COVID 19 and lockdown children can’t attend nursery properly so they are lacking many things but still Mrs Nolan bring Children to the required level as per standards.   During Lockdown Mrs Nolan was well connected to children through google classroom .She always look for children home activities and post pictures to encourage the children. She is connected to me and all parents via email and respond to everything so quickly.


Mrs.Nolan is still posting all the weekly and daily activities and class learning links so that I and all parents can be well aware of children school learnings.


Mrs Nolan very actively and with lots of love and care address children queries and needs.


She is always their to help me as and when I need her regarding children in school.


Thank you so much Mrs Nolan for everything from all my heart.

Aavya and Aashvi loves you a lot and they will miss you so much.


With warm regards 



Mrs Nolan and all the Reception staff- Thank you for all you have done for Sophie this year. She adores you all and loves every aspect of school life. She is always disappointed when it is the weekend, and she doesn't get to see you.

In a year with many challenges your dedication to the children in the physical and remote classroom has shone through and we are extremely grateful to you all. A special mention to Mrs Terrett who Sophie considers her best friend!


Mrs Nevill & Mrs Eady- Louie would love to say thank you to Mrs Neville and Mrs Eady they have made year 2 so special xx


A note to convey our special thanks to Ms Hewett, Ms Hunter and all the teachers at Letchmore supporting Ethan's learning. Ethan O’s family