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Year 1 'Local Area' Inspirational Day- Wednesday 30 June 2021

On Wednesday the Year 1 children took part in an Inspirational Day to put into practise their local area Geography knowledge. 


They started the day learning all about human and physical geographical features and went on a hunt in the playground to find some examples of each.  The children also learned about the different kinds of houses there were, from cottages and detached houses, to flats and bungalows.  They then described their own homes and had the opportunity to design their dream houses.  The children have great imaginations and suggested, underwater houses, houses made of chocolate, houses with milkshake taps, houses in space and houses made of gold and crystals!


Finally the children went on a short walk along Letchmore Road to try to spot all of the different houses there are and any other geographical features they could spot.  We had the opportunity to also talk about road safety and how we could look after our local environment by using the litter bins and walking to school wherever possible. 


The children really enjoyed their day and were very sensible and responsible!