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Year 1 Sports Day- Tuesday 13th July 2021

This week the Year 1 children had their sports day.  They all loved putting into practise the skills they have been learning all year, such as balance, co-ordination, and ball skills.


Premier Sports arranged 9 different activities for the children to take part in, including hurdles, dribbling a football, beanbag balancing and throwing, and the long jump.


The children loved their Sports day and all did really well.  They were scored based on their teamwork and cooperation.  They even had a biscuit as a treat after they finished!  The Green team won on this occasion!     


After a break the children then took part in running races.  After the children had finished their race, it was the teacher's race!


Miss Hunter claimed a dubious win.  Mr Green has demanded the CCTV to be checked and for a stewards enquiry.