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Parent Consultations

Parent Consultations for the Summer Term 2021 have been arranged for Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 4th May.


These meetings provide parents/carers with the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with their class teacher. The meetings will not be held in school, instead they will be held by Video Call using the Parents Evening Booking System. Parents/carers can book an appointment with their child's class teacher using this system. These meetings cannot replace the usual face to face meetings but allow parents/carers to have contact with their child's class teacher in the current situation.


Parents/carers can log in using the link below, with the following information:


Your child's first name

Your child's surname

Your child's date of birth


Guides on how to make a booking and how to attend appointments over Video Call are also available below. Instructions should be read carefully as it tells you how to check that your technology will work correctly for the meeting.


A link for the meeting will be sent by email and parents/carers will need to ensure they are ready to start at their appointment time. The meetings are booked back to back so times cannot be adjusted. They are timed for 10 minutes and will automatically cut out after this length of time. There will be a clock on the screen as an indicator to both parents/carers and the teacher that the meeting is coming to an end. If parents/carers do not wish to be seen on camera they can select to have the camera switched off and the appointment will take place by audio only.


When attending the meeting by video link, we ask that all parents are appropriately dressed and that they are in a quiet area of the home.


These meetings, as with any other remote meetings, are subject to technology working so please bear with us if there are some technical hitches. If this are any issues at the time of your meeting then your child’s teacher will contact you to re-arrange.