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Welcome to our School Council Page!


At the beginning of the school year we hold a School Council election.  Each class votes for one boy and one girl to represent their class and share their ideas at our weekly School Council meetings.

Due to COVID restrictions at the moment, unfortunately School Council meetings are unable to take place. As soon as council can meet again, this page will be updated with the council information.


School Council is all about:


Trying to make the school a safe and happy place for everybody.  Together we will share everyone's ideas and try to make the school an even better place.   
So far we have:

*Found ways to make the playground more exciting.

*Helped out with special events in school.
*We suggested a story competition for World Book Day and even judged the winners.
*Designed buddy vests for the playground.
*We have walked around the school to see what we can improve and what we like already.
*We have a school council post box.
*We have class folders to share our ideas.
Great Fire of London Inspirational Day
Year Two wowed parents and children from across the school  with their fantastic learning about the Great Fire of London.  Children had re-created a London street-scene from the fire and everyone had the chance to write using a quill and ink.



Science Week 2019-20
What a busy week we have had...solving the mystery of the missing Science mascot by exploring a crime scene.  We went all around the school trying out our scientific skills in different investigations.  We made predictions about exploding potions, observed colour-changing magic, answered questions and solved problems.  The we invited our grown ups into school to see our amazing Science skills in action!



Jack and the Beanstalk Inspirational Day
Year Two got dressed up and enjoyed a range of fun activities linked to their class story of 'Jack and the beanstalk'.  This included planting beans which reached up to their own Giant's castle and taste testing different types of beans.



Here are the most recent update from the School Council:


14/06/2019 - This week we proudly shared what School Council has achieved this year in our School Council assembly.
We have also enjoyed Science day!  We did lots of interesting experiments and even brought in our own investigations from home. 
Reception had fun making butter from cream, blowing giant sock bubbles and popping their own popcorn.
In Year One we tried out some colour experiments which were really cool.  We can also make an orange float or sink!
In Year Two we made lava lamps, monster mazes with magnets and found out the secret to making raisins dance!
Here are some pictures from our day.


The children enjoying Science Day

07/06/2019 -


Year 2 - I loved doing a Dragon Missing poster this week... it was so fun and our teacher's drawing was great!
Year 1  - We enjoyed problem solving in Maths even though it was tricky and we made our own maps.

The winners of Sports Day 2019 (Year 1 & Year 2)