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Foundation - Nursery

Welcome to Nursery

Nursery Teacher- Mrs Donald


Our three nursery classes are:

Morning Nursery - Hummingbird class

Afternoon Nursery - Sparrow class

Thirty Hour Nursery - Woodpecker class

Our topic this half term is ‘Nursery rhymes’.

(Please see the Autumn 2 Long Term Plan under the section Curriculum-Nursery on this website)


This term we have been learning new songs and rhymes. The children have grown in confidence and are accessing all areas of the nursery. The children have been encouraged to follow their interests for example on a frosty day the children discovered ice outside and the ice became part of our small world setting leading to discussions about what happened to the ice as it became warmer.


The children have been exploring the forest school area. They have learnt to change their own shoes and put on their coats. In these sessions, the children have looked closely at seasonal change and how it effects their surroundings. They have made bird feeders and a hedgehog home and then gone on to create their own hedgehogs using clay and natural materials. 


The children have particularly enjoyed the stories shared in class and are beginning to retell them using props.

Our topic this half term is ‘All about me’.

(please see the Autumn 1 Long Term Plan under the section Curriculum-Nursery on this website)


We also embrace the children’s interests and build these into our environment and learning opportunities.


The children have settled well into the Nursery class over the last two weeks. They have been learning the nursery routine and how to find their way around the setting. The children have been enjoying a range of activities and making new friends.





What to bring into nursery:

Please bring a book bag, water bottle (no juice) and coat every day.


Please look out for our weekly Nursery newsletter to find out about what we are learning in class.


In Nursery we enjoy sharing children’s new experiences from school and home so do celebrate and discuss them with us.