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Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Vosper, Mrs Hackett and Mrs Nolan



Week Commencing 4 October 2021

This week the children have been finding out about fossils and they all enjoyed looking at Mrs  Hodgson's daughter's fossils which they took great care off.


We have been looking at fiction and non-fiction texts and finding out how they are different.


The children have also been introduced to our daily reading session and they are beginning  to blend to read.

Week Commencing 27 September 2021

This week we have been learning more about dinosaurs. we have used a fact file to find out information and learnt some dinosaur poems. We enjoyed using the percussion instruments to represent the sound the dinosaurs would make as they moved.


During phonics we have learnt the sound i, n, m, d and have begun to write them.

Week Commencing 20th September 2021


This week the children have started to find out about dinosaurs and this will continue next week. They have also been learning the story  'Harry and the dinosaurs go to school'. We have discussed the structure of the story and made a story map to show the beginning, middle and end.


We have consolidated our learning of the number 'One' through Our 'Number land' stories and the children have done lots of talking and comparison of number.


The children have really enjoyed their first P.E session which focused on spatial awareness and listening skills. 


Next week the children will visit the library and bring home a library book.

Week Commencing 13 September 2021


This week the children stayed for lunch as part of their transition process.  They have been settling in so well and using the ‘Colour Monster’ story have enjoyed activities related to their emotions. They have also looked at how Artists use colour in their paintings and compared the work of different artists. 


We will start awards next week.

Week Commencing 6 September 2021


The children have had a lovely first week in school, they have enjoyed playing in the classrooms and exploring outside. They have drawn pictures of themselves to put on their coat pegs and played circle games to help to get to know each other.