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Be Bright, Be Seen

Whilst we want our children to get out and about more and have active healthy lifestyles, we also want them to be seen by drivers, especially at night or in poor light conditions.


Why are we encouraging children to be bright? The onus should always be on drivers to pay attention to the road. However if children understand how and when to be bright they will be able to be more easily seen by drivers when out and about.


Shine bright like a diamond. Some children love to be bright and some may not be so keen.  Here are some ideas to help you encourage children to be bright.

On the Catwalk

  • Being seen doesn’t have to mean wearing a yellow jacket; other fluorescent colours are available such as green, pink, red and orange. Bags and hats can also be ‘high vis’.

Bling Your Bike

  • It’s great exercise for children to be out on bikes. When teaching them about helmet safety remember to teach them to be bright too.

  • Let them bling their bikes with stick on reflectors and fluorescent spoke reflectors for day and night visibility. Particularly good for side visibility at junctions.

Think Small…Build up Big

  • Start with funky small high vis accessories such as our reflective zip clips to clothing; these clips are really appealing and collectable for children.

  • The more they add, the brighter they will be.

  • For the best visibility it’s a good idea to supplement small high vis items with larger ones such as high vis bags.

‘Oh no, it’s Safety’

  • If children don’t want to wear high vis ‘because it’s safety’, get them kitted out with duel purpose items, eg a practical, funky high vis bag or bright, cosy fleece beanie hat… so they have other reasons to use it.

  • Give them a choice of items and get them kitted out with something they like; if they like it they will wear it.