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Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated each year in October. It is a chance to celebrate the achievements of Black people in the past and present. It is celebrated in schools, museums, universities and lots of other places. People learn about important Black people and the impact they have had on society.


Black people have been an important part of society for a long time. Even though many Black people have achieved important things, they weren’t often mentioned in history books, television shows about the past or even in school history lessons.


This meant that lots of people didn’t know about all the amazing things that they had done. We have Black History Month so that people can learn about the important achievements of those people and help people to remember them.


Racism- Black people have not always been treated fairly just because of the colour of their skin. When someone is treated badly because of their skin colour, it is called racism.


Examples of racism in the past include:

•In the USA, Black people used to have to sit at the back of buses and give up their seats if a White person wanted their seat;
•In South Africa, Black people could only live in certain places, often without electricity or running water;
•In the UK, some people wouldn’t rent houses or rooms to Black people.
How did Black History Month start?
In 1875, Carter G Woodson was born in the USA. Because he was Black, Carter didn’t have many opportunities to have an education or a well-paid job. However, he eventually managed to go to one of the top universities in the USA.

He noticed that there was almost no mention of Black people in history books and wanted to change this. In 1926, he announced the first ever Black History Month. Carter became known as the ‘Father of Black History’.


Talk about It-

Why do you think Black History Month is important?

How could you celebrate Black History month?


Over the coming weeks will be celebrating the lives and stories of significant black people......