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National Story Telling Week- 30th January- 4th February 2022

National Story telling week is being held between 30th January – 4th February this year-

“Storytelling can be found enriching lives everywhere. The sharing between teller and listener empowers, feeding the imagination from one generation to the next.”- Society for Storytelling.


What is National Storytelling Week?

Once upon a time, storytelling was a way to pass the time. Now, it's an excellent way to entertain and teach each other new ideas. This is why National Storytelling Week is celebrated by people of all ages who read the likes of folktales, fairytales, love stories and more.


Storytelling is a powerful tool that allows us to share stories that inspire and teach others.


How is National Storytelling Week celebrated?

National Storytelling Week is celebrated for a full week in February. Stories are chosen and are told between the teller and the listener. It's a fantastic way for people to share their own story, or even invent something entirely new - it's also endlessly entertaining!


Finding the time to read with children can often be difficult, especially with of modern life's pressures. However, it's an important part of every child's education. Why don’t you enjoy a story with your child/ren this week.  You could even share this with your teachers by emailing the class email.