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Year 1 'Great Dinosaur Mystery' Inspirational day

Year One Dinosaur Inspirational day 


This morning some mysterious eggs were discovered in the Year One playground.  Everybody was mystified as to where they came from! The children were also greeted by some gigantic muddy footprints outside of the classrooms. 


Throughout the day, the Year One children used their scientific knowledge to find out which dinosaur they belonged to. 


Judging by the size of the footprints we first estimated that the dinosaur was about 9 metres long!  We then had to use our maths skills to measure out 9 metres in the playground and see which dinosaur it could have been.  We narrowed it down to two dinosaurs: a ferocious looking Carnivore called Carnotaurus, or a plant-eating Triceratops.  


Exhausted by all their investigations, the children went back to class and had a dino-biscuit snack.  Next they had to examine a big pile of dinosaur poo!  Upon closer inspection it seemed the mystery dinosaur had been eating plants and seeds, so the children decided that it was a Triceratops! 


The teachers then checked the CCTV footage from the playground and were shocked to see that a Triceratops had indeed been roaming about in the school and outside Mr Green’s classroom.  Some kind children from Chaffinch class even went to see if Mr Green was safe! 


The children were all amazing throughout the day and a big thank you to all the staff that helped the day to run so smoothly, especially Mrs Pratt working hard behind the scenes!