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Year 1 Toys Inspirational Day- Friday 22 September 2023

Today Year One had their first inspirational day of the year. They all looked fantastic as they arrived in school wearing their toy costumes.  During the day, the children visited each of the classrooms to complete different activities.  


In Goldfinch class the children heard a story about a family toy box. The toy box was full of toys from the past 100 years. The children were then given the opportunity to empty the toy box and play with the different toys. 


In Greenfinch class the children watched a short video which took them back in time with Magic Grandad.  They visited 1870 and learnt all about the toys that children used to play with in the late Victorian period.  They then made their own Victorian thaumatrope toy. 


In Chaffinch class they listened to a story about some toys who come to life at night.  They then explored the ways different toys would move and created a toy dance.